Delta Dental’s Community Benefit Dental Program continued in collaboration with United Way of the Plains

WICHITA, Kan., Aug. 10, 2022 – Delta Dental of Kansas has extended additional funding to the Community Benefit Dental Program. Delta Dental of Kansas created the Community Benefit Dental Program to ensure low-income Kansans have access to affordable dental care. The plan provides 100% coverage for all dental services at any in-network Delta Dental provider for a $5 annual deductible.

Dean Newton, President and CEO of Delta Dental, said his organization is committed to focusing on programs that expand access to affordable healthcare and improve the health and well-being of Kansans. “Kansans with greater access to affordable dental care are more likely to visit the dentist and reduce their risk of experiencing serious health conditions. Last year, Kansans who lacked access to affordable healthcare received critical dental care through this program. Good oral health contributes to overall wellbeing, and we’re proud to be able to provide Kansans throughout the state with this important dental coverage.”

The program is administered by Delta Dental of Kansas in collaboration with the United Way of the Plains. Pete Najera, President and CEO of United Way of the Plains, said the initiative was important for both the health and financial stability of Kansans and their families. “This program helps our citizens reach their full potential through improved health care and the ability to remain in the workforce and earn an income. We’re very grateful to Delta Dental of Kansas for creating this program and their continued investment in the health and well-being of current and future generations. Thousands of Kansans have enrolled in the program and enjoyed the benefits of a healthier life.”

Individuals and families across the state of Kansas with an income less than or equal to 250% of the federal poverty limit may apply to participate. Call 2-1-1 to enroll in the plan or check to download a benefit plan summary sheet.


MEDIA CONTACT: Angie Prather, Vice President of Marketing and Chief Community Engagement Officer, (316) 267-1321,

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Published On: August 10, 2022


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