Free Tax Prep Volunteer Training

Thank you for volunteering for the United Way Free Tax Prep program!

In-person training sessions were held in January. Materials presented at the trainings are compiled below for your reference.

Questions? Contact Abel Frederic, Vice President of Community Impact, at or (316) 267‑1321, ext. 4211. 


Tuesday, Dec. 5

Introductions, Account Creation (L & L, TS), Program Primer and Volunteer Standards of Conduct

Tuesday, Dec. 12

Who Must File, Taxpayer ID Numbers, Filing Status, Dependents

Tuesday, Dec. 19

Income and Additional Income

Thursday, Dec. 21

Adjustments to Income Deductions

Thursday, Jan. 4

Additional Taxes, and Additional Credits and Payments

Tuesday, Jan. 9

EIC, Refund/Balance Due, Quality Review and Amended/Prior Year Returns