Get to know…Brooklyn Hamilton

Brooklyn has spent years working with non-profits in the Wichita community.

Describe your role at United Way.

I build strong rapport with different companies that want to invest in our community by campaigning and bringing awareness of all the amazing non-profits United Way of the Plains assists in funding.

Share your career history and how you made your way to United Way.

I have always worked for non-profits. I found my love for them starting at the YMCA back in 2013. I then found my way into the mental health field where I stayed for six years. I have always enjoyed the work that United Way of the Plains has done. I want to continue to build up others and make more positive changes in the world.

What are your interests or pastimes?

I love spending my time with my family and friends. When it comes to some favorite pastimes, I love watching documentaries that have to do with murder mysteries or crimes. I also enjoy being outside and taking in this beautiful thing called ‘nature.’ Literally, amazing.

Brooklyn Hamilton's daughter relaxes with their family dog.
Share a favorite book or movie and why.

I would have to say that “The Greatest Showman” is my favorite movie. Growing up with a learning disability and going through different life events, I can connect with the songs, plus, I love a good Hugh Jackman film. I am a MASSIVE music theater geek. Anything that has good singing and amazing choreography.

Share a little bit about your family.

I have a sassy and theatrical four-year-old daughter. I am also getting married soon! We have two handsome pit bulls; the oldest one is the logical one and the youngest thinks it’s a horse, or maybe a frog.

What is the number one reason you love working at United Way?

I love that no matter what, everyone is happy here and living ‘the good life’ of a positive work environment, all while being able to help the community we love.


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