Get to know…Cannon L. D. Ball, Community Services Manager

Describe your role at United Way of the Plains and what makes it enjoyable for you.

I help oversee the daily operations of our Give Items of Value (GIV) program and also assist in our disaster response services. What I’ve enjoyed most so far about being at United Way is the team we have here. Everyone seems to have a passion for helping our community but also willing to do the hard work necessary to drive that passion. I’ve also really enjoyed getting to connect with people from other organizations and learn about the work being done across our nonprofit community.

Cannon L. D. Ball unloads boxes at the Give Items of Value Warehouse.
Share your career history and how you made it to United Way.

I have a diverse work history with nearly 15 years of experience in various types of (property, program, and warehouse) management. I enjoyed my time in those roles, but the one thing I always felt was missing was a true sense of fulfillment. I wanted my time and energy going to something bigger than myself — to make a difference for someone instead of just making a profit for a company. How I made it to United Way was a happenstance that I’m thankful for. My wife served on a volunteer panel here last year and through that met some of the UWP staff and learned of an opening she felt I’d be excited about. She text me “I think I found where you need to be” and then sent the job posting. As they say the rest is history, but I’m grateful to now call United Way home and I look forward to many years ahead.

What are some of your interests and pastimes.

My faith and family are my top priorities. That said, I try to spend as much time as I can with my family. My wife and I are blessed to have two boys, currently ages 5 and 7. They each participate in multiple sports, so my biggest pastime currently seems to be chauffeuring them to and from practices and games. Joking aside, it’s been really fun getting to watch and support them in the things they enjoy, but when I’m not being sports dad my personal interests include being outdoors, shooting archery, golfing, and pulling for the Texas Longhorns!🤘🏽

Cannon L. D. Ball volunteers with United Way staff at Martin Luther King Jr. Day event.
What were some of the reasons you wanted to work at United Way and any fun experiences you’ve had since starting.

What really intrigued me about joining United Way was knowing I would get to spend each day working hard to make an impact for people in our community. At the end of each day, I could go home and know I made a difference that day. I feel that I am the best version of myself when I can encourage and help lift up others, and I felt this role gave me the opportunity to do that on a regular basis (directly or indirectly). Since joining United Way, I have been able to take part in several fun experiences including surprise toy distributions, Coaching for Literacy book deliveries, Read to Succeed, MLK Day of Service, and emergency management events.

When dealing with so many nonprofits, what do you see being the biggest needs they have and how does the team at the GIV Warehouse make a difference

As far as items in GIV, the needs vary depending on the type of agency in at the time. However, on a broader level I feel a bigger need I see is for continued collaboration and synergy between nonprofits. When agencies with similar missions work together towards common goals, a greater impact is made than when we work separately.

The team at the United Way Give Items of Value Warehouse.


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