Get to Know…Dajahnae Vines

Describe your role at United Way.

I manage the United Way of Plains donor database by performing record data integrity audits, offering system process improvements, and overseeing the organizations electronic fundraising campaign.

Share your career history and how you made your way to United Way.

While serving as a Data Analyst in the United States Air Force, I was introduced to the many nonprofits in the local area. I spent my five years of service leading volunteer events with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, VA/Orphanage donation drives, and outreach mentoring. After coming across United Way of Plains and seeing all that they’ve done for the community, I knew I wanted to dedicate my time contributing to their goal of helping others.

Dajahnae Vines receiving an award from the Air Force.
Dajahnae Vines holds the first fish she caught.
What are your interests, pastimes or hobbies?

After meeting my husband, he really got me into enjoying nature. Most times we are either going for a nice family walk or checking out some new fishing spots. He even helped me catch my very first fish! (Although, I wasn’t very stoked when we made me hold it for picture). Aside from my love of spending time with my family, one of my top hobbies is crochet. Hats, bags, booties… you name it! Pairing that with a great audiobook puts me in a state of ultimate relaxation.

Share a favorite book or movie and why.

My favorite book is “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou. I love that her story shows how the strength of a person’s character can help to overcome the trauma of past hardships and just how impactful the power of words can be on a journey of self-discovery.

Tell us about your family.

My family is from all over. I was born and raised in Beaufort SC. My loving husband who is a total gym rat is from Tupelo, MS, and our 11-month-old daughter who literally eats anything in sight was born here in Wichita. We also have a Pomeranian who recently gifted us with 3 new grand pups!

What is the number one reason you love working at United Way?

I love the overall mission of the United Way to help those in our community. Everyone here puts their all into everything they do. It’s great knowing that every time I come to work, I am surrounded by others who share the same trait of compassion.

Dajahnae Vines with her husband and baby girl.


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