Get to know…James Childers

Share your career history and how you made your way to United Way.

I grew up in Wichita and went to Southeast High School. In college, I was studying to be an elementary educator while working two or three jobs. I worked in retail, a combination of landscaping and stone masonry, as a swim instructor, and as a lighting/sound tech for local theaters and concert halls. When I was about a year away from being done, there was a teacher hiring freeze, so I changed course. I dabbled in physics, chemistry and pre-med for a while, before I took some economics classes and learned that I liked studying business.

After college, I bounced around and landed a position as a corrections officer. After a particularly rough shift where I got my eye blackened and my nose was broken, I thought ‘maybe now is the time I should go back to school and try something else.’

On top of a degree in business administration, I completed a second bachelor’s degree in accounting. I was lucky enough to find my place at the United Way on the Plains after seven years of working as an accountant in the Wichita area.

I oversee accounts payable and accounts receivable processing as well as grant reporting and compliance for United Way.

What are your interests, pastimes or hobbies?
James Childers, United Way's new accountant, poses with Darren Minks, Chief Financial Officer.

I love movies, music, books, comics and video games. However, I spend most of my time helping my son explore the world and if we have time, sneaking in a round of dinosaurs vs superheroes vs Godzilla.

What is your favorite book?

I think it has to be Homer’s epic “The Iliad.” It’s a story that was read to me when I was little and sparked my love for grand stories.

Share a bit about your family.

I’ve been with my wife for about seven years now. We have a five-year-old son who is a hyperactive wrecking ball. Almost all of my extended family lives here in Wichita. We’re a small bunch., We can all fit comfortably into a minivan.

What is the biggest reason you love working at United Way?

Knowing that what I’m doing is having a real impact on the community that my son will grow up in.


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