Get to Know…Michelle Presnell, Community Impact Manager for Financial Stability

Explain your role at United Way so a third grader could understand it.

As the Community Impact Manager for Financial Stability, it is my job to work with people helping others with their finances. People want to learn about how to take good care of their money so they can buy the things they need – like food and going to the doctor – or how to save money for things like a nice place to live.

Share a little bit about your work history.

I began working in banking as a teller when I was just 18. Through the years, I worked in positions within branches and behind the scenes in loans, but I found my niche in business banking. It was there I started working with nonprofits and working more in the community. I was always passionate about helping people, so it was a natural fit. From there I moved up to being a branch manager and assistant vice president at a local bank. When an opportunity came up to work for a non-profit, I took a leap to follow my passion and began working with Envision, helping raise awareness for the visually impaired. My passion for my community grew, which brought me to United Way of the Plains. Here I get to serve my whole community and provide funding to organizations doing great work.

Share one of your proudest professional accomplishments.

In business banking, I spent my time working as a relationship manager, assisting new and existing businesses grow. Some of my proudest moments are the quiet ones, like when I would see an individual or a business succeed when they were struggling or starting out. It was great to know that my little bits of advice and resources helped them along their way.

What is the best advice you have for other professionals?

Be genuine. Integrity, honesty and hard work always pay off, but one key thing I have picked up that has made a difference for me is practicing authenticity. If I don’t know something, I don’t pretend that I do. The polished honesty of being genuine has helped me make relationships and opened the door of opportunity for me to learn. I love Brené Brown, and many of her talks on professional life are centered around this idea. I just finished “Dare to Lead” and would recommend it to anyone, not just managers.


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