Give Items of Value Warehouse saved nonprofits over $225,000 during special June event

This summer, the United Way Give Items of Value Warehouse has been BURSTING with generous donations from top national retailers and other corporate partners. GIV accepts in-kind donations and offers them at no charge to nonprofits, helping them keep their overhead expenses low so more financial resources can be funneled into programming for clients.

United Way Give Items of Value partners with Good 360 to access donations from national retailers.To help move more of these products into the hands of nonprofits, a special “Christmas in June” event was planned. Volunteers helped prepare for the event by processing and organizing the abundance of donations, including 36 pallets of products and 11,893 packets of gardening seeds. Donations like this are possible through a partnership United Way has with Good360.

With the warehouse floor stocked with housewares, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, office furniture, holiday decor and more, GIV invited nonprofits from across south central Kansas to the “Christmas in June” event. Over the week, 67 agencies, including 27 new partners, visited GIV and acquired over 17,500 items worth $228,905.27 – all for FREE.


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