Give Items of Value

Imagine if companies could make better use of surplus products – and benefit others at the same time?

United Way of the Plains Give Items of Value (GIV) program creates a bridge between organizations with excess inventory and nonprofits in south central Kansas, whose tight budgets limit their ability to purchase critical supplies to support their mission. With the help of volunteers, donations are sorted and stocked so nonprofits can “shop” for the items they need, free of charge. It’s a win-win: Companies are able to recycle products while nonprofits keep their overhead low so more resources can be funneled into programming.


Corporate supporters pose beside the Give Items of Value box truck with the computer equipment they're donating.
Corporate Donations

Is your company remodeling? Maybe you’ve got overstock products or unused office supplies? Make a difference for our environment when you recycle items by donating them to GIV. Your donations help nonprofits reduce their overhead expenses and funnel more financial resources into the tangible needs of clients and programming. Anyway you look at it, you can feel good about passing those items on to GIV.

How to Donate
Contact Mark Stump, Director of Community Services, at or (316) 267‑1321, to arrange a donation.

A shelf of three ring binders at the Give Items of Value Warehouse that nonprofits can get for free.
Nonprofits Shop for FREE

Nonprofits across the state of Kansas are invited to shop for FREE at GIV. Items found at the warehouse can be used to furnish your office, support your programming or meet the tangible needs of your clients, all while reducing your overhead expenses. Inventory is constantly changing due to on-going donations.

How to Shop
Dial 2-1-1 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Coolers lined up in the warehouse, ready for nonprofits to pick up for free.


Through a partnership with Good 360, United Way is able to team up with top national retailers for donations. We’re also able to receive semi-tractor trailers of products for the price of shipping. These shipments include products from various retailers. It’s another way United Way helps your donation go further.

United Way Give Items of Value partners with Good 360 to access donations from national retailers.


companies donated materials and office supplies in 2022.
nonprofits shopped at the warehouse over 1,100 times in 2022.
million dollars worth of products were distributed in 2022.

We piloted the program in 1984 with a small closet of supplies. It became evident very quickly that we were meeting a real community need. We finished 2022 as our most successful year on record. That achievement is a result of strong partnerships with area retailers and businesses, continuous outreach to nonprofits and the dedication of our staff and volunteers.”

– Mark Stump, United Way Director of Community Services


Ever wonder what happens to returned products that can’t go back on the shelf? Items that get pulled because of branding updates? Those with damaged packaging? Walmart is generously donating them to the United Way Give Items of Value thanks to a partnership with Good 360.

The United Way box truck picks up donations from local retailers every week.

Each week, United Way picks up donated products from 11 Walmart stores across south central Kansas.

Volunteers organize donations at the warehouse.

Volunteers inventory and organize donated items at the United Way GIV Warehouse.

Nonprofits can shop at the warehouse for free.

Nonprofits across Kansas are able to shop at GIV for FREE! Agencies, including those not funded by United Way, can find items for their office or to help meet the needs of their clients – keeping their overhead expenses low.

Agencies can use items from the warehouse to help their clients meet their needs.

Donated products make a difference:
A client was facing the hard choice of paying rent or buying supplies for her infant daughter. An agency was able to get the needed items, including a high chair, from GIV so the client could pay her rent.


See the power of GIV firsthand when you volunteer. Volunteers are the man-power that moves new products through the inventory process and out onto the floor for nonprofit shoppers. Opportunities to help sort, count and organize donations are available for individuals or groups. Call our Volunteer Center at (316) 267-1321 to set up a project today.

Volunteer count and sort donations at the warehouse.


Your gift to United Way supports the GIV program by helping to cover the cost of shipping donations from national retailers as well as operational costs.


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