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  • Service providers interview an individual experiencing homelessness as part of the annual Point in Time Count.

How many people are experiencing homelessness, anyway?

November 22, 2023|

Each year, in the last ten days of January, communities across the United States participate in what is called a “Point in Time Count,” or PIT Count. During the PIT Count, shelters and transitional housing programs tally how many people are experiencing sheltered homelessness in their community. This count . . . [Read More]

  • Pete Najera, United Way President and CEO, reads with a student.

Philanthropy starts with you

November 15, 2023|

From Pete Najera, United Way of the Plains President & CEO

How many people in south central Kansas require assistance with their most basic needs? Do we really benefit from all the nonprofits that operate in Wichita and the charitable work they provide?

The 2022 data helps answer both questions. In Kansas, . . . [Read More]

  • Get to know Emily Juhnke, our new Associate Vice President of Philanthropy.

Get to know…Emily Juhnke, Associate Vice President of Philanthropy

October 20, 2023|

Describe your role at United Way and what you are looking forward to.

As Associate Vice President of Philanthropy, I am responsible for assisting with the implementation of high-level fundraising strategies and leadership programs. I look forward to continuing to build relationships within our community, earning trust and connecting people to . . . [Read More]


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