Meet Karmen Lewis, HMIS – Database Entry Clerk

Explain your role at United Way so a third grader could understand it.

I receive client referrals from our Impact ICT – CoC partners and enter them into our Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) so that those clients can begin receiving services.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I summited Mt. Quandry, a fourteener in Colorado. It’s “supposed” to be an easier fourteener, but it did not feel like one.

Give us a brief life history.

I was born and raised in Kansas, although I’ve always felt like a coastal person in my heart. I’m thankful for my Midwest upbringing, though. I have a BA in elementary education and was a classroom teacher before deciding to stay home with our two boys, Jack, 23, and Jace, 21. When our boys were older, I worked as a special education paraprofessional at Andover Central Middle School. I loved the job, and I love middle schoolers! I have been married to my husband, Doug, for 28 years. He is a medical doctor employed by Ascension at the Spirit AeroSystems Concierge Primary Care Clinic. He is also co-director of the Ascension Via Christi Cystic Fibrosis Clinic.

Share your favorite hobby or pastime.

Most of my time is spent with my family, doing things with them. We like to travel, eat, watch movies, laugh and watch college football. I also like to read, although now days my reading consists of audiobooks. I love podcasts, too. I like to organize my house and make our home my/our own with eclectic décor. That’s always a work in progress, but I love it. I enjoy creative things and people and aspire to do to more and meet more.

What is your favorite streaming show?

Ted Lasso. Without question. I want him and every other character on the show to be my friends.

What is the number one reason you love working at United Way?

I care about people and one of my core values is kindness. I feel like UWP operates on kindness.  I want everyone to do more than exist and survive. Thriving citizens are what creates the potential for unity, peace and living to their fullest potential. UWP aligns perfectly with my values and worldview. I am privileged to contribute in my small way. I admire the hard work and dedication of my coworkers.


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