Promise on the Plains recipient making dual impact

Mending the mental health crisis in Wichita food deserts

It was a few months ago that we shared how Common Ground Producers and Growers was transporting healthy produce into food deserts and food insecure communities, but they are also doing something to further strengthen our community.

Common Ground was a recipient of an equity grant from United Way of the Plain’s through . . . [Read More]

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United Way News You Can Use: August 2022

Announcing $100,000 for innovative solutions to community issues

Nonprofits, think you have the next bright idea to advance the common good? United Way of the Plains is hosting Impact on the Plains, a “Shark Tank”-style competition in pursuit of bold solutions to complex community issues. Up to $25,000 will be awarded to entrepreneurial nonprofit programs that transform . . . [Read More]

Water for the homeless in Wichita

If you are looking to donate water or in need of water in Wichita, read this. 

Water is a basic need. It doesn’t matter what path you take in life (or where life takes you), you need access to water to survive.

In the hot summer months, that need becomes more important for all our neighbors.

People who are experiencing homelessness, or struggle . . . [Read More]

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Impact Created by Your United Way: Second Quarter 2022

We are the problem-solvers, hand-raisers, game-changers. Here’s a summary of the impact your United Way created this quarter because of your support.


Facilitated 269 free skin cancer screenings at May 7 event led by area dermatologists and sponsored . . . [Read More]

Get to Know…Community Impact Manager for Basic Needs Matt Lowe

Describe your role at United Way so a third grader could understand it.

I support programs in the community that provide basic human needs, such as food, shelter, safety and rent or utilities help. I also manage the team who leads our community’s efforts to end homelessness.

Share about your career history and how you made your way to United . . . [Read More]
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Bank of America Charitable Foundation Funds Homeless Services through United Way of the Plains

United Way of the Plains has received a $45,000 grant from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation. The majority (90%) of the funding will provide needed support for homeless programs, including shelter, transportation and prevention services.

The grant is part of Bank of America’s investment to advance economic . . . [Read More]

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